A[英文版] Diagramming the Big Idea Methods for Architectural Composition 2nd Edition 2019 绘制大理念:建筑构图的方法第二部

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成为一名建筑师是一项艰巨的任务。除了获得新技能和程序之外,初期设计师还面临着一种完全陌生的知识模式:设计思维。 在绘制大创意的过程中,Jeffrey Balmer和Michael T. Swisher通过阐述建筑师如何制作和使用图表来阐明他们对特定建筑项目和形式和秩序的普遍原则的理解来介绍设计思维的基础知识。通过将图表,图纸和虚拟模型交织在一起的可访问的逐步程序,作者演示了如何撰写清晰且具有启发性的图表。 设计思维定义了一种通过观察和分析来吸引世界的方法。除了解决问题之外,设计是对可能性的追求。掌握设计思维始于学习视觉构图的基础知识。它包含了综合演绎和富有想象力的推理的能力,结合了精明的审查和狂热的推测。 设计图使得构建环境的抽象可见。 Balmer和Swisher以建筑艺术的Beaux-Arts概念为前提,采用“大创意”作为陪衬和手提箱来组织建筑构图的基础。本书的目标是向学生明确他们正在学习的内容,为什么学习它以及如何将这些课程内化为他们作为设计师的终身发展。 Becoming an architect is a daunting task. Beyond the acquisition of new skills and procedures, beginning designers face an entirely unfamiliar mode of knowledge: design thinking. In Diagramming the Big Idea, Jeffrey Balmer and Michael T. Swisher introduce the fundamentals of design thinking by illustrating how architects make and use diagrams to clarify their understanding of both specific architectural projects and universal principles of form and order. With accessible, step-by-step procedures that interweave diagrams, drawings and virtual models, the authors demonstrate how to compose clear and revealing diagrams. Design thinking defines a method for engaging the world through observation and analysis. Beyond problem solving, design is a search for possibilities. Mastering design thinking begins with learning the fundamentals of visual composition. It embraces the ability to synthesize deductive and imaginative reasoning, combining both shrewd scrutiny and fevered speculation. Design diagrams make visible the abstractions that order the built environment. Premised upon the Beaux-Arts notion of the architectural parti, Balmer and Swisher adopt the 'Big Idea' as a foil and as a suitcase to organize fundamentals of architectural composition. The goal of this book is to make explicit to students what they are learning, why they are learning it and how to internalize such lessons toward their lifelong development as designers.


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