A[英文版] Dried Flower Embroidery An Introduction to the Art of Flowers on Tulle 2016 干花制作

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Dried Flower Embroidery celebrates the craft of flowers on tulle. Discover how to create beautiful displays of your favourite everlasting blooms, grasses and foliage. Starting with the basics, Olga takes you step-by-step through how to master this craft – from techniques for drying flowers to making your own frames and embroidering onto tulle, using nature as your thread and drawing inspiration from the natural world. Expand your creativity and go on to create lovely designs of your own. Featuring a collection of 16 projects from wall hangings to homewares and wearables – suitable for beginners and seasoned professionals alike – Olga inspires you to bring a touch of nature indoors, as she offers a fresh and modern approach to the craft of embroidery. Presented through exquisite photography, Dried Flower Embroidery shows you how to create botanical artworks to display in your own home. Discover the joy of embroidering with dried flowers and make your own natural art with this irresistible book – a must-have for lovers of floral arrangements and interiors alike.


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